DREAMOIR is dreams and memoirs...music that is creative, imaginative, and epic...impactful enough for people to remember for the rest of their lives.

Originally a singer-songwriter and formally trained musician, Kaleb Alexander - known by his artist name DREAMOIR - has firmly rooted himself in the electronic music genre. Drawing from his musical background, as well as his experience as a film composer, he aims to create a musical experience for his fans. An aural dream world where people can listen and explore.

Unsatisfied with creating in just one or two genres of EDM, DREAMOIR mixes the ethereal melodies and heavy bass from different genres with the cinematic sound of film music. The result is a hybrid style he calls “epic dream music” - a play on the EDM acronym. This unique sound is evident in his upcoming debut release “Sleepers | Feelers | Lovers | Dreamers,” a concept album based on an original sci-fi fantasy.

In a dream, you can be whatever you want to be.
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